Blind Wine Tasting “An Intro”

Ivory Road 1854 Brevard Road, Arden, NC

We're hosting a just-for-fun (but also super educational!) Blind Wine Tasting night on Friday, 8/2 from 6:30-8:30pm! This event will have limited seating. We will have 8 bottles of single varietals open that we'll taste blind, then reveal & discuss. We'll have tasting sheets & snacks. This will be a welcoming space for all levels […]

Old World vs. New World Guided Tasting with Tom from Orsini Wines!

Ivory Road 1854 Brevard Road, Arden, NC

Join us for a special, guided side-by-side tasting comparing 5 Old World Wines next to their matching New World wine counterparts. ┬áTom's passion for wine & his wine knowledge truly shines as he'll walk us through some history, tasting notes, and winery specific information. ┬áThis is a fabulous opportunity to expand your wine knowledge and […]

BMB Bourbon Experience Dinner

Ivory Road 1854 Brevard Road, Arden, NC

Join Ivory Road's Chef Jill + Brian -- owner and "Bourbon Sommelier" from BMB Bourbon Experience -- for a 4 Course Dinner Menu with 4 paired bourbons. Through captivating presentations that blend history, tasting notes, and fascinating anecdotes, Brian offers an immersive experience for guests. This is truly a one-of-a-kind event for both bourbon connoisseurs […]